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Comparison Between Latch & Flip-Flop

Latches Vs Flip-Flop

Latch and flip-flop are two basic building blocks of any memory unit that store information in any digital devices. They store a single bit of information as long as they are powered, but their structure and triggering operation is different from each other.

Comparison Between Latch & Flip-Flop

Before going into the differences between flip flop and latches, let’s discuss what flip-flop & latch really is.


The latch is a fundamental memory unit. It is a Bi-stable Multivibrator that has two stable states i.e. set or reset.  It is a sequential circuit whose output depends on its current input as well as previous output.

A latch is a level triggered device that changes its value as soon as the input level is changed.


The flip-flop is also a bi-stable multivibrator & a memory unit that stores a single bit of information. It is also a sequential circuit, which depends on present input and previous output and a clock signal as well.

It is made up of two latches in a master-slave configuration. This configuration makes it enabled to be triggered when there is a clock signal applied. It retains its output value until there is a clock edge.

Comparison Between Latch & Flip-Flop

Latch Flip Flop
It is a sequential circuit made from logic gates. Flip flops are made from latches with the addition of a clock signal.
A latch is a level sensitive device It is an edge sensitive device.
It updates its output value whenever the input is changed. The output is updated when the input is changed as well as a clock edge is applied
Latch updates its value when it’s enabled through enable switch. Its value updates only when there is a clock pulse
A latch is fast, it quickly updates its value correspondingly to its input. Flip-flop’s value waits for clock pulse, they seem to be slow compared to latches.
There are four types of latches i.e. SR Latch, D Latch, JK Latch & T Latch Flip-flop has four types i.e. SR flip-flop, D flip-flop, JK flip-flop & T flip-flop

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