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Bridge Vs Flyover

 Comparison Of Bridge Vs Flyover

Bridges and flyover are often misunderstood as one and same thing but one could say all flyovers are bridges but the opposite is not true. The difference between bridge depends on its purpose, usage and its location.

Bridge Vs Flyover


A bridge is a transportation route that is built for carrying road or railway traffic between two points on land separated by a natural obstruction or obstacles. These obstacles can be either water bodies such as rivers, sea etc. or drylands like valley, road & railway roads etc.

Design of the bridge depends on the function of the bridge and the terrain over which it’s being built.

Most of the time, the foundation of the bridge is laid on water-bed, which is a tedious job and costly.


A flyover or also referred to as overpass or overbridge is built to connects two or more than two points through road or railway over an existing road or railway.

Its main purpose is to reduce the traffic by providing another road or railway over an existing road or intersection by providing a faster mode of transportation. But they are usually built for roads.

They are made over a heavy traffic zone. These zones can be busy road intersection or railway tracks.

They do get a fair amount of criticism as they take more space in the form of huge pillars but they do their job perfect by providing convenience for people and vehicles

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