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Dowel bar its purposes, advantages and uses

Dowel Bar:

It is the steel that is left to joint any members such as slab, column, and stairs etc. to transfer the load of inducing in the concrete members. Dowels bar are the steel, rod bar or rebar that is left as per to dia of steel.

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In other words, Dowel bars are round steel that are put across horizontal joints of concrete member mostly provide as load transfer device across concrete joints, dowel bar also permit movement to take place. it can be accepting where movement is on purpose designed for joints of longitudinal.

Usually, we left 50D length. it means multiply the dia of the bar with 50 (50 x 16) 16 is the dia of steel then the length of the dowels rebar is 800mm

Purposes of Dowel Bar:

The purpose of dowel bar or steel is given below:

  • Dowel bars are provided for the purpose of to transfer load across concrete joints.
  • It is used to reduce corner cracking
  • Dowel bars are provided for the purpose of to reduce the joint faulting
  • The purpose of dowel bar is to improve the performance of joints.
  • It is provided for the purpose of to transfer the load from one member to its adjacent member such as one slab to its adjacent slab.

Advantages of Dowel Bar:

There are few advantages of dowel bar that is given below:

  • Dowel bar deflect the breakup of the concrete members because of the essential horizontal movement.
  • Dowel bar is used to extend the structure easily small drilling is required to insert the steel for the extension of structure.
  • It improves the performance of structural member joints
  • It increases the initial cost of project but reduce Life Cycle Cost.
  • Dowel bars increases the initial structural member’s life
  • Dowel bar is used to increases the load carrying capacity of slab.
  • Dowel bar is used to Reduces deflection and stresses.

Uses of Dowel Bar:

  • Dowel bars are used in rigid pavement where steel and concrete is used
  • It is mainly used in the column, slab, staircase design where the possible volume may enlarge or expand in the future.

Length of Dowel bar and their sizes:

Length of dowel bar and sizes has been shown in the table that is given below:

S.No Pavement thickness (in) Min Dowel Length (in) Max Dowel Spacing (in) Dowel dia (in) Dowel Type
1 Less than 8 16 12 0.75 Steel Bar
2 8 to 11 16 12 1 Steel Bar
3 12 to 15 20 15 1.25 Steel Bar
4 18 to 20 20 18 1.5 Steel Bar
5 21 to 25 24 18 2 Steel Bar
6 Greater than 25 20 18 3 Steel Bar

Placement of Dowel bars:

The following steps should be used while placing or providing the dowel bar the steps are given below:

  • Dowel Bar must be placed parallel to center line
  • While placing of dowel bars new channels must be cut so one half of dowel can be on each side of the joint or crack

Installation problem in Dowel Bar:

While provide or installing the dowel bar the following problems can cause that is given below:

  • When installing the dowel bar steel rods are misplaced or absent because of poorly arranged equipment disrupt dowel holder or improper holder anchoring.
  • In dowel bar Concrete around the steels is very badly (poor) compacted or too hard mix is used.

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