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Uses of sand

Sand and their Uses:

Sand is a granular material composed of finely divided rocks and mineral particle sand is smaller in size than gravel and larger in size than silt. The composition of sand is also being different, the uses of sand is depending on local rock source and condition. Sand have a lot of different uses in all over the world. The uses of sand are:

Uses of Sand


Concrete is a construction material which is widely uses in construction works. It is prepared from the mixing of sand with cement and coarse aggregate. Without sand concrete is can’t prepared Concrete is used in slabs, columns, retaining wall, piles, pier caps, foundations, ramps etc.


Glass is made up from sand because sand is composed of silica usually glass is made up from silica. Glass is used in packaging (bottles for drink, jars or plates for food, flacon for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals) tableware (drinking glasses, bowls, cups etc.) housing and buildings (windows, facades, insulation and reinforcement structures).


Sand is used in paint. It is mixed with paint for the purpose of good texture finish for the wall and ceiling. Paint is used to protect the all kind of structure and buildings from the rain water and sun usually the paint is coated which protect the wood from water and sun.   


Sand is mixed with cement to form mortar. Mortar is the mixture of cement, fine aggregates and water. Mortar is used in masonry work, plastering, filling, floor leveling, and repairing damage structures made of concrete. Mortar is also used for filling the gaps because of absence of coarse aggregate (­­­­­gravel) and presence of water and cement, sand.


Sand is used to made up cob. Cob composed of about 75 % of sand. Cob can be used in smoke meat, corn cob jelly, as fire starter, as a pot scrubber


In manufacturing of brick the sand is used to mix with clay and also other materials are used for the manufacturing of brick. brick is a construction material used in construction to make the walls pavement and other elements in construction. It is used in masonry construction.


For good agriculture it needs porous surface or have good permeability of water. Sand have good permeability of water properties. It is mixed with soil to form sandy soil. Sandy soil is ideal for peanuts, peaches and watermelons etc.


The surface of sand is rough. It can be used as an abrasion material. Before sand paper the wet sand was used as a sand paper.

Sand bags:

It is used to protect against gun fire and floods. These sand bags can be transport easily when it is empty. In emergency condition the sand bags can be filled quickly by unskilled volunteers. Sand bags is mostly used in most dangerous areas like security places or water flood areas.

Filtration of Water:

Sand can be used to filter the water and separate the impurities from water.


Silicon is made up of from sand. Silicon is used as a semi-conductor in solid state devices in the computer, mobiles and other microelectronics industries.

Sand Animation:

Sand is also used for animation purpose. Mostly artist use sand for drawing an image.

Sand Blasting:

Sand is used in polishing, cleaning and preparing. Sand blasting can remove paint, rust and it is also used to change the condition of metals surface. 


In railroads the sand is use to improve the fraction of wheel on the rails.


To protecting from landscaping the sand is used to make small hills and slopes.


Sand is used in roads to improve the fraction in snowy or icy places.

Artificial Beaches:  

Sand is used in human made beaches. Artificial beaches are that beaches which is constructed by humans for their enjoyment. The most beautiful Artificial beaches are:

  • Male Maldives
  • Diamante Cabo san Lucas, Mexico
  • Larvotto beach, Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Paris plages, Paris, France
  • Sentosa island, Singapore

Molding Metal Casting:

Sand is used in molding metal casting. Take the sand at the bottom of the metal mold and then what do you want to cast.


Sand is used in aquarium. Aquarium makes a great focal point and gathering place in the house. Aquarium home benefits are:

  • Aquarium reduces the level of stress
  • It lowers the blood pressure and heart rate
  • Aquarium improve the sleep quality
  • It improves focus and creativity.

Children Sand Pit:

Sand is used in children sand pit. Children sand pit is to keep the play safer. This idea is also in expensive as well.

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