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Difference Between Footing & Foundation

What Are The Differences Between Footing & Foundation

Footing and foundation both are some basic terminologies used in civil engineering. But there are still some people who don’t understand the difference between them. If you are one of them then this is the topic for you.

Difference Between Footing & Foundation

A most simple explanation could be that all footings are foundations but all foundations cannot be footings. What does it mean? let’s look into each one of them one by one.


A foundation is a structure that connects the superstructure with the ground and transfers the load from the superstructure to the ground. There are two types of foundation i.e. shallow foundation and deep foundation.

The difference between these two types is that if the width of the foundation is greater than its depth the foundation will be a shallow foundation. But if the said condition is not true that means it’s a deep foundation.


The term footing is used in conjunction with shallow foundations commonly. A footing is a foundation unit constructed in brickwork, masonry or concrete under the base of a wall or a column for the purpose of distributing the load over a large area.

Here, the strap beam and the columns together form the foundation, while the bottom part of each individual column that transfers its load to the end is known as footing.

Differences Between Footing & Foundation:

Here are some of the differences between the footing & foundation listed below.

Foundation Footing
A structure which transfers the load from the superstructure to the ground It is the foundation which is in contact with the earth.
It provides support to the entire building It provides support to individual columns.
Foundation are of two types, shallow & deep foundation A footing is a type of shallow foundation
They are the basement of the wall They are under the foundation wall.
Foundation can be compared with legs Footings can be compared with the feet of the leg.
Foundations are made up of Footings, piles, caissons & piers. The footing is built from a slab, rebar i.e. made up of masonry or concrete.
All foundations cannot be footing But all footings are foundations.

Here are some of the difference and similarities between footing & foundation. If there is some improvement needed in this article or you want to add some more points, please leave your suggestions in the comment box down below.

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