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Mechanical Vs Mechatronics Engineering

Comparison of Mechanical Vs Mechatronics Engineering

People often time ask what is the difference between mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering. Let’s look into these two fields of engineering.

Mechanical Vs Mechatronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is said to be the oldest branch of engineering. It deals with the laws of motion, force, and energy, it basically works around mechanics, kinematics and dynamics & will give you a foundation of the things and nature around you and teach you how it works.

Mechanical engineering provides new invention and technology that showcase alternatives for human beings to increase their productivity and work efficiently.

The advanced world accompanies a ton of moving parts. From the ticking of the minute hand of the clock on your wall to the turning of your vehicle’s wheels on its axle, it is all possible because of mechanical engineering.

Mechatronics Engineering

As the name suggests the word mechatronics is the combination of two words mechanical & Electronics. So the mechatronics engineering not only combines the technology of mechanical engineering & Electronics engineering but also Electrical and robotics etc.

It is primarily a branch of mechanical engineering but it also includes electronic & Electrical.

An example of the mechanical parts in a mechatronics system may consist of gears & pully etc while the electrical and electronics parts consist of the motor running and the sensors used for precise control of the speed and direction of the motor.

Nowadays, as the world tends to move toward automation in an unimaginable speed, every mechanical system or machine is converted into a more user-friendly system using different microcontroller, programming, sensor, feedback & control system. These systems can be programmed to work manually through user commands or work 24/7 without any miscalculation and eliminates human error.

Mechanical Vs Mechatronics

Mechanical engineering teaches you about materials, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, control, instrumentation, design, and manufacturing to understand mechanical systems.

While mechatronics teaches you how to integrate & control mechanical components using electronic sensors, electrical actuators and programmable devices such as microcontrollers & microprocessors all into one single project.

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