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Hidden Beam their Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

In this article the hidden beam will be explain and also its advantages and disadvantages will be discussing

What is Hidden Beam?

It is a reinforce concrete beam.it is also known as concealed beam, hidden beam or slab beam. this beam is called hidden beam because it is hidden in slab. concealed beams are mostly constructed in the suspended slabs where slab thickness is good. The concept of concealed beam develops from flat slab.  They are mostly used in commercial buildings.

What is Hidden Beam

All beams have larger depth then the depth of slab while the depth of hidden beam is equal to the depth of slab but it is install separately in slab just like ordinary beam the longitudinal steel and stirrup of concealed beam is immersed separately in slab. Hidden beam is same as normal beam but the design of this beam is little bit different from conventional beams. While designing the hidden beam the depth should not be greater than its slab. Therefore, it might be required to increase the number of steel bar or dia of reinforcement to achieve the desire strength of beam to bear the imposed load

Uses of Hidden Beam:

The uses of hidden beam, concealed beam or slab beam are given below:

  • Hidden beam distribute loads imposed on the slab i.e. weight of masonry wall
  • It permits using of greater span for the slab
  • it provided exclusively for architectural aesthetic purposes in the building interior
  • hidden beam allows to break a wide panel of a slab into appreciable dimensions
  • Concealed beam is used for Around the cut outs
  • It is used for the purpose of to better the architectural aesthetic appearance by providing leveled and clean surface of ceiling.
  • To get maximum height of floor.
  • It is used for the purpose of to free the way for electromechanical duct work
  • It saves clearance of floor height.
  • It allows if brickwork needs to be constructed over the slab.

Advantages of Hidden Beams:

  • Concealed beam is used to saves the cost of shuttering, form work, labors and construction materials.
  • It gives clearance of storey height or floor to floor height.
  • It creates an acceptable aesthetic appearance
  • Hidden beam simplify the internal partition.
  • Concealed or hidden beam provide a better appearance of interior structure.

Disadvantages of Hidden Beams:

  • Hidden beam has low ductility because of the height reinforcement ratio that’s give to recompense for depth reduction exactly at column connection.
  • Hidden beam or concealed beam makes a spanning problem, as length for support of structure are in a right angle or 90o degree to each other. It means that structurally one slab rests over the other.

Hidden Beam Used in Various Types Slab:

Hidden beams or concealed beams are mostly used in different types of slab usually there are three types of slabs that are given below:

  • Waffle slab
  • Ribbed slab
  • Solid slab

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